The Inclusionaries at DRS 2022 Conference

Inclusionaries Lab Does DRS2022

Exciting news for the Inclusionaries! We will be in full swing at the upcoming Design Research Society International Conference (DRS 2022) in Bilbao. This will see our lab members presenting four papers, running two Conversation sessions, chairing Inclusive SIG tracks, and mentoring and presenting at the PhD event. 


Each of our team members will be discussing their latest design research work on the topics of 1. narratives in design; 2. critical timelines of inclusive design; 3. state of inclusive and human-centred design in oral health, and 4. design contributions to end-of-life. 

If you are coming to Bilbao, you will be able to see us present these papers in person too, a rare treat since Covid-19 times. Come and say hello!


We are also hosting two Conversation sessions that reflect our lab’s latest collective thinking and questions on design research and we would love for you to attend and contribute to – either in person or online; we have gone hybrid.

In one of these Conversations, we will be discussing a core area of focus at Inclusionaries which is identifying the paradoxes and dilemmas of inclusive design – as both a design philosophy and a practice.

In the second Conversation, we revisit the current state and standards of design definitions and their importance to the future trajectory of the field. Interrogating the current state of ‘design definitions’ has emerged as a new area of collective interest, as our Inclusionaries lab members have each been conducting academic research across various design areas. If we have piqued your interest and you would like to know more, get in touch – we would be happy to talk more.

And if you are attending the conference in any form, we are looking forward to meeting you!

A view of Bilbao from the river Nervión | © Juanma Aparicio / Alamy Stock Photo

Details on sessions timings and dates below:

The State of Inclusive and Human-Centred Design in Oral Healthcare (Paper Presentation)

Time: 28th June, 2:30pm-4:00pm

Location: BA06 Bizkaia Aretoa_Room Baroja

Is inclusive design failing inclusion? Identifying the dilemmas at the core philosophy and practices of inclusive design (Conversation)

Time: 29th June, 2:30pm-4:00pm

Location: BA02 Bizkaia Aretoa_ Room Elhuyar

Design as an Agent of Narratives: A Conceptual Framework and a First Exploration in the Context of Inclusive Paediatric Mobility Design (Paper presentation)

Time: 30th June, 9:00am-10:30am

Location: BA04 Bizkaia Aretoa_Room Arriaga

The Evolution of Inclusive Design; A First Timeline Review of Narratives and Milestones of Design for Disability (Paper presentation)

Time: 30th June, 11:30am-1:00pm

Location: BA04 Bizkaia Aretoa_Room Arriaga

Design meets death; a first systematic mapping review of design contributions to end of life field (Paper presentation)

Time: 30th June, 2:30pm-4:15pm

Location: BA04 Bizkaia Aretoa_Room Arriaga

“What do you mean?” The state of design ‘definitions’ within the discipline and beyond (Conversation)

Time: 30th June, 5:00pm-6:30pm

Location: BA02 Bizkaia Aretoa_ Room Elhuyar

Bilbao, here we come!

DRS 2022 Bilbao |  25 June – 3 July | Hybrid