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Understanding and advancing our world through inclusive and human-centred design research and innovation

The Inclusionaries is an advanced design research lab. We are a team of Inclusive and Human-Centred Design experts and researchers, directed by Dr Farnaz Nickpour, based at the School of Engineering at The University of Liverpool.

We investigate critical and contemporary dimensions of inclusive design and human-centred innovation for people, communities, and society. Our aim is to advance these two fields through (critical) research, (contextual) design, and (creative) engagement.

We Are The Inclusionaries

We are a design research lab specialising in inclusive and human centred research and innovation. Our lab has advanced design knowledge and practice across four strategic design research themes (Inclusive Mobility, Psychosocial Inclusion, Design for End of life and Healthcare Innovation) by:

Establishing new areas of design research; Psychosocial inclusion and Design meets Death.

Generating design knowledge in the field of inclusive mobility; frameworks and guidelines for public, personal, and paediatric mobility.

Pioneering interdisciplinary design education and public engagement initiatives such as establishing a ‘Design in Healthcare’ course for student doctors at the Liverpool School of Medicine.

Developing innovative human-centred healthcare and mobility products such as the DBO commode for NHS hospitals.

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We Research

We conduct advanced inclusive and human-centred design research. Design research is a critical and analytical, as well as a generative and creative force. We are firm believers in abductive modes of thinking and ‘Research through Design’.

The Inclusionaries Lab defines advanced design research as: incorporating both reflection and transition; engaging with higher-level narratives; acknowledging both immediate and extended contexts; and acting as a transdisciplinary agent.

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We Design

We are experts in applying inclusive and human-centred design principles, processes, and practices across a variety of design and innovation briefs. We challenge the view that design is limited to product, service, or system interventions. Our work acknowledges all four types of design contributions including Theoretical, Methodological, Empirical, and Interventional.

Within every design project, we consider five distinctive dimensions; we refer to these as the ‘Five Designerly Ways’.

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We Engage

As inclusive and human-centred design experts, people are central to our work. They could be end-users, clients, or stakeholders; students or scholars; the local community or members of the public.

We use Design’s critical and creative engagement mindsets and practices in order to deliver true engagement. Our design engagement work focuses on two aspects of ‘critical understanding’ and ‘creative communication’.

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