We believe in the analytical and critical, as well as the generative and creative power of design research; abductive modes of thinking; and Research through Design.

Human-centred and inclusive design principles, practices, and processes are at the heart of every piece of design research we conduct.

We aim to advance design research field, by setting out principles of advanced design research including:

Incorporate both elements of reflection and transition; starting with historical interrogation of the past, prior and in order to move to alternative future states.

Start by asking ‘how could we make sense of the situation?’ rather than ‘how could we solve the problem?’

Capture both narratives and requirements; starting by interrogating high-level narratives and social imaginaries, prior to capturing user and system requirements.

Acknowledge both immediate and extended contexts; establishing an in-depth local understanding whilst offering a global and sustainable perspective.

Act as a transdisciplinary agent, beyond a multidisciplinary facilitator.

Our inclusive and human-centred design research across mobility and healthcare sectors is focused on four strategic themes:

1. Inclusive Mobility.
2. Psychosocial Inclusion.
3. Design for End of life.
4. Healthcare Innovation.

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