We believe in the transformative power of true engagement. As human-centred and inclusive design experts, we implement the critical, creative, and participatory mindsets and practices of design in order to engage, inform, and inspire our audiences and collaborators. What we deliver is focused on ‘critical understanding’ and ‘creative communication’.

We offer academic, industry, end-user, and public engagement services in curated formats. These include lectures series and seminars; invited talks and conference presentations; interactive client workshops and end-user co-creation sessions; and public exhibitions.

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Upcoming Engagements

Conversations at DRS 2022 | Bilbao | Hybrid

“What Do You Mean?” The State of Design ‘Definitions’ Within the Discipline and Beyond

  • Thursday 30th of June, Bizkaia Aretoa, Room Elhuyar, 17:00 – 18:30 CEST

Abstract: Design related ‘definitions’ could be ambiguous to the point of contention. Could this vagueness be a barrier to finding, sharing and building knowledge within the discipline? Outside the discipline, could this vagueness compromise the value, reach and impact of design? But as a creative discipline, would ‘over-definition’ not be damaging? What should be the way forward?

In this conversation, we explore the current state of design ‘definitions’ from the perspective of rigour, evidence and impact – both within the discipline and beyond it. We discuss the implications for design research, practice and policy. And we ask how the current state of design ‘definitions’ should transition and evolve to ensure advancement and maturity of design as a discipline.

Is Inclusive Design Failing Inclusion? Identifying the dilemmas at the core philosophy and premises of Inclusive Design

Wednesday the 29th of June, Bizkaia Aretoa, Room Elhuyar, 14:30 – 16:00 CEST

Abstract: ‘Inclusion’ is aspirationally popular these days, but a true mess at the same time – full of complexities, contradictions and compromises. With the rise of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) to the top of societal ‘agenda’, a question worth asking is, are we becoming truly more inclusive, or simply moving towards a version of inclusion which is ‘realistic’, ‘achievable’ and ‘measurable’. What role does Inclusive Design play here and which narrative/s of inclusion is it contributing to? In this conversation, we interrogate the potential paradoxes and dilemmas of Inclusive Design from both a philosophical and a practical point of view. We then ask how these could be categorically captured and successfully communicated to inform the practice and advance the field.