Being Inclusionaries

What is The True Inclusive?

‘Inclusion’ is popular these days, but a true mess at the same time – full of complexities, contradictions and compromises. A question worth asking is, are we becoming truly more inclusive, or simply moving towards an illusion/delusion of inclusion which is ‘realistic’, ‘achievable’ and ‘measurable’. Is there a common ground between the ideal and the real? And which vision, if any, can and should design care about? 

True inclusion presents the opportunity to re-conceptualize the philosophy and embedded process of design in return for the delivery of products, services and systems which lead the way towards a truly inclusive society. Design can:

– Help us identify currently excluded groups and barriers to access and inclusion.

– Act as a facilitator, sense maker and agent of transdisciplinarity, bringing various voices and expertise together to establish a holistic understanding of exclusion issues.

– Use frameworks, principles and processes to assist in the development of ‘truly inclusive’ products, services and systems (PSS).

– Ultimately bring about cultural change informing social behaviours towards diversity and equality.