Project MOVE

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What will the next generation of NHS commissionable powerchair for children be like?


Project MOVE (Mobility imperatiVE) is a partnership between Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and the University of Liverpool. It is a national initiative aimed at converging design and technology excellence, clinical expertise, and market intelligence, in order to redesign the provision, manufacture, and development of a paediatric power chair in the UK which is inclusive, smart, affordable, and commissionable by NHS Wheelchair services.

A large group of people watching a presentation about children's developmental needs in relation to their mobility
MOVE meeting with a range of stakeholders at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

Capturing market insights, systems requirements and children’s desirables, combined with deep transdisciplinary research with a holistic team of stakeholders and end users.


MOVE focuses on the future of inclusive childhood mobility for children with mobility disabilities. The partnership seeks to develop a novel power chair which enables disabled children to enjoy childhood to the full, and optimises their development, socialisation and engagement with life in general. The MOVE power chair will be an intelligent and customisable device which allows customisability for children, flexibility for therapists, and affordability and ease of maintainence for families and carers.